Savory Chorizo Crepes


Much of my love for food can be traced back to the way my mother raised me. She has a rich Mexican heritage that pretty much totally saturated the culture of my home growing up, reinforced by frequent family trips back to her charming, dirt road rural Jaliscan hometown. And the strongest cultural expression of this heritage was the cuisine—a constant flow of rice, beans, tortillas, and salsas of all kinds in every imaginable combination.

It was through family recipes for dishes like chile relleno and various enchiladas that my mother imparted to me a distinctive way of approaching food that went beyond merely trying to make something to eat. Meals weren’t a problem to be solved, from going to the closest drive-thru to microwaving a frozen package, but an opportunity to be enjoyed. My mother’s cooking was neither perfect nor consistent, but her spirit of making meals for the whole family from scratch sparked in me a love for food that continues to this day. For this I’m so thankful for her, atop all the other reasons I have to have thankful for her.


So these chorizo crepes are inspired by my mother and the heritage she’s passed down to me. However, the crepe aspect might seem a bit out of place from the expected tortilla. This is because my other passion in life, aside from cooking, is travel—and my mother encouraged me to go on trips which eventually gave rise to this passion. The most memorable of these was living in Paris, where the pleasure of enjoying crepes is essentially inescapable. I decided to combine my love for Mexican and French culture in this dish as an ode to my mother and an expression of my gratitude. And trust me, the combination works very well.


The chorizo I used is Mexican-style as opposed to Spanish-style, whose spicy and herbal flavors are enhanced by jalapeno and cilantro. Sour cream and queso fresco add a tangy, satly aspect that complement the eggs in which the chorizo is scrambled. When all this is combined with a buttery, silky crepe, it all comes together so well. And alongside this dish I enjoyed some of La Crema’s Monterey Pinot Noir Rose—the perfect Mother’s Day brunch wine. Notes of grapefruit and guava move into a powerful but refreshing minerality. It’s vibrant and crisp, and pairs great with these savory chorizo crepes. And about those crepes—you can head over to La Crema’s blog for the recipe.

I hope you all enjoy a delightful Mother’s Day. Whether it’s through making this recipe or something else entirely, make sure you show her how much she means to you!

Thank you to La Crema Wines for sponsoring this post. As always all opinions are my own.