Spring rolls are in a sense a quintessential spring meal—they were first created as a showcase for the fresh, bright ingredients of spring that follow the rich, heavy dishes of winter. And boy do they live up to their name. They’re vibrant, colorful, crispy, and delicious in all their forms. And for my latest batch, I decided to mix sweet and savory aspects into my rolls and pair them with a spicy peanut sauce.

     Starting off with a some delicate vermicelli noodles and a soft, classic wrap, it’s hard to go wrong in assembling a spring roll. For the savory side, I chose cucumber, carrots, and cabbage for their complementing flavors and crunchy texture. And for the sweet side, I packed in some pineapple for a piercing juiciness. I also tossed in some fresh herbs, mint and cilantro in particular, to tie everything together with their refreshing aromas.


     The peanut sauce is relatively straightforward: peanut butter (obviously), soy sauce, vinegar, with some garlic and sriracha for some bite to go along side the tangy nuttiness. Feel free increase or reduce the amount of sriracha depending on your taste, and in fact you can treat the whole roll assembly as a blueprint for whatever happens to be your favorite spring vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

     After having put together a sweet seasonal meal out of these spring rolls, I needed a wine appropriate for this time of year. And trust me—look for further than La Crema’s Monterey Pinot Noir Rosé. Unlike most rosés, which tend to be on the lighter side, this wine is surprisingly rich and dynamic. It begins with bursts of berry and melon, moving into sweet, bright citrus. It’s wonderful on its own and even better when paired with this recipe. Be sure to head over to La Crema’s blog to get the recipe, and enjoy it on your next sunny spring afternoon!

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