Plum Bellini


      Stone fruit is everywhere and after last week's trip to the market I ended up with a pretty nice haul of the most beautiful plums.

DSC05871 (1).jpg

     Since I had so many plums, I decided to make a cocktail with them. I have really been enjoying prosecco lately so I created a drink inspired by the oh-so-classic peach belinni. For this drink, I switched out peaches for plums, puréed them, and paired them with just the right amount of procescco. And with my trusty Wolf Gourmet Blender, I put one of these drinks together in no time.


     The vibrant color of this puree is matched by its excellent and refreshing taste—perfect for these final sunny days we have coming our way. To get the recipe, head over to the Wolf Gourmet blog so you can make some of these plum belinnis while summer is still here.


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