RockFish Tacos & mango pico de gallo

Summer in Seattle is such a magical time, and after having returned home from Europe I am more than ready to start cooking up some of my favorite summertime dishes. And one of these is fish tacos—which have this unique ability to instantaneously create a relaxing summer vibe. There’s something about warm corn tortillas, coastal sea fair, and bursts of citrus that puts you in a laid back mood.

While some fish taco recipes call for tilapia or salmon, I like to use rockfish or mahi mahi for their mild sweet flavor and flaky texture. This makes them great for tacos, since they’ll impart a wonderful flavor while allowing your seasoning to shine through and your toppings to contribute fresh tastes. I wanted to saturate the fish in a marinade to let all the flavors soak in—oil, lime, spices, and chili powder really transform this fish into something delicious. I also chose to create mango salsa for a layer of juicy sweetness and added some thinly-sliced cabbage for a crunchy, textured finish.

I typically lean more towards red wine throughout the year, but I must say that a glass of this pinot gris on a hot day is beyond refreshing. Plus, the bright, pleasant flavors of these fish tacos really find a comfortable companion in a glass of La Crema’s 2016 Pinot Gris. This wine complements the sweetness of this dish with hints of pear and nectarine, but also features a welcomed citrusy bite finishing with a lemony acidity.

Be sure to head to La Crema's blog to get the recipe for these tacos and refreshing mango pico de gallo.

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