Fava Beans, Ricotta & Pancetta On Toast +A GIVEAWAY!!!

A couple years ago I received an email from an acquisitions editor asking if I’d like to write a book on toast. At the time I didn’t exactly know how I’d pull it off, but over the course of a few weeks I played with the idea of reimagining how we view and consume toast. I dove headlong into developing one hundred seasonal recipes, which really tested the extent of my creative output, but the result was so satisfying. 

So when Wolf Gourmet wanted to send one of their new four-slice toasters my way, I thought of how nostalgic it would be to make a meal around a slice of toast again. I wanted something spring appropriate, so I started with a layer of homemade ricotta, then piled on freshly blanched fava beans, then topped it with crispy pancetta and a healthy amount of pecorino cheese. I haven’t really cooked with fava beans before, so I owe the inspiration for this dish to Joshua McFadden’s new cookbook, Six Seasons. In his book he shares a recipe for fava beans on toast, so I took that idea and put my own spin on it. 

When writing the introductory sections of my book, I realized that we often don’t focus on the various methods available for toasting bread. You can hold it over an open flame, bake it in the oven, or of course just drop it into your ordinary countertop toaster. However, the Wolf Gourmet four-slice toaster is no ordinary appliance. You can control each pair of slots independently, so you can make toast for yourself with waffles on the side, or a set of bagels and english muffins at the same time. It also features extra-wide slots with self-centering bread guides that allow for both the thickest and thinnest slices (which is a BIG deal for me since I love thick slices of toast). Suffice to say, the toaster worked perfectly for this recipe—it’s hard to imagine a better asset for a meal like this. 

I've really loved using this toaster SO much that Wolf Gourmet is letting me give away one of these beautiful machines to a lucky one of you! Simply follow the instructions below and good luck! Giveaway is open to US residents only and ends on Sunday, May 7th at 12:00 PST. Be sure to head over to my instagram to enter.

Wolf Gourmet was kind enough to give me a toaster in exchange for my honest review. As always, all opinions are my own. Good luck!!

Fava Beans, Ricotta & Pancetta on Toast

Slightly adapted from Six Seasons

Serves 2

1 1/4 lbs Fresh Fava Beans in their pods

1/3 cup fresh ricotta- or make it at home

1/4 cup diced cooked pancetta

1 small lemon

pecorino cheese, for garnish

fresh cracked pepper, to taste

unsalted butter, or neutral oil

two 1/2-inch slices of country bread


Shell the fava beans and set aside. Bring a pot of heavily salted water to a rolling boil. Add the fava beans and quickly blanch by letting them cook in the boiling water for 30 seconds, then immediately drain. Rinse the beans under very cold water to stop the cooking process. Using a knife, or your fingers, remove the outer membrane and squeeze out the cooked, fava bean. 

Using a toaster or a skillet spread a little oil or butter on both sides of the bread and toast until crisp. Divide the ricotta between the two slices of toast. In a small bowl toss the fava beans with the cooked pancetta and divide between both slices. Give each toast a squeeze of lemon, a crack of pepper, and garnish with some pecorino that you can slice or grate over the top. Eat immediately and enjoy!