Spiced pear turnovers

     It’s officially that time of the year where the Seattle grey has taken over, and I am fully embracing it. It’s so funny–it’s always right around this time of year that I feel as if I never turn my oven off, which I admit isn't too bad of problem since my house usually smells like cinnamon, sugar, and butter. But since my oven is getting over worked, I have been slowly noticing that it’s performance has been so-so lately, mostly due to it not being properly calibrated. Not a big deal, but I just have to either keep a thermometer in it, or keep a close eye on what I am baking. Well, until now, that is. 


     The lovely people at Wolf Gourmet recently sent me their Countertop Oven–and I am in heaven! This small oven is a total dream. It has multiple settings so you can roast, bake, broil, and even proof dough inside this bad boy. Plus it even has a convection setting, which for a girl like me is a dream to have.

     Since pears are in total abundance at the markets, I recently made these cardamon-spiced turnovers, which are super tasty and incredibly addicting. And with my countertop oven, I effortlessly produced evenly browned, beautifully puffed turnovers. If you’d like to get the recipe for these wintry treats, head over to the Wolf Gourmet blog!


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