Barcelo Stories—Exploring the Dominican Republic

     Earlier this year John and I had the incredible opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic to partake in a project called Barcelo Stories. This project is meant to draw people into the unique beauty and incredible adventures one can witness and enjoy in the Caribbean. Barcelo Hotel Group, among whose hotels are the Royal Hideaway (where we stayed), Barceló, Occidental, and Allegro, sent dozens of bloggers to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Aruba to show what an exciting time one can have when traveling to these countries.

     John and I made a few short films to show how much fun it was to explore the lively city of Santo Domingo and the rich landscape it has to offer. We wandered through the oldest cathedral in the Americas, walked through a fortress castle built five centuries ago, descended into limestone caves with shimmering subterranean pools, and got lost in lush jungle forests. We had the time of our lives. I hope these videos inspire you take a trip of your own to this wonderful country. 

     In total we created three films, this being the first of the three. To view the others, click here.